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Although everyone wants to spread information about real estate in New York, there is a huge world outside the lights. I recently asked one of my New York friends to tell me something interesting about real estate and she confirmed that, like the rest of the country, all New York homeowners are fighting , the north of the state, the Allegheny Mountains, the Adirondacks and everywhere.

“Unfortunately, the only thing we hear here is:” We sell our house and rent to stay out of the water. “The people I am talking about are professional couples without children who are at least 50. worried about job security and having suffered heavy losses in the markets, I do not have such a happy story, but I is the only thing in any Real Estate in our kingdom. ”

The key to Sheri’s description is the fact that people are selling. New York markets are strengthening somewhat, although some regions have an absorption rate of almost two years (the time it takes to sell current offers based on the number of homes sold per month and, if not no more, are listed). Real estate is gaining ground because the average number of days on the market is decreasing.

For example, real estate agent Natasha Pazdzerskaia recently reported that in Somers, New York, the average number of houses on the market in January 2010 was 163. In January 2009, it was 190 and in 2008, the number of days was 169. At Woodbury, Andy Yakubovsky’s data corroborate the same conclusions. In January 2010, the average number of days on the market was 85, 130 in 2009 and 123 in 2008.

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