US Real Estate Investment Guide

US Real Estate Investment Guide

In the United States, real estate investments are gaining popularity, and many UK investors now prefer to buy property outside of the UK or Europe. The US real estate market works well for many economic reasons, which allows investors to make massive profits with relatively modest investments. As the United States is becoming one of the leading real estate investment centers, it is essential to understand why they can offer unprecedented opportunities.

1. Economic factors. Despite the recent economic downturn, the United States is the largest national economy in the world and one of the largest countries in the world in terms of area and population. It is estimated that in the United States, GDP is more than 14 trillion US dollars and a relatively low cost of living. The country is a developed market with modern infrastructure and large sectors of finance and real estate.

2. The favorable business atmosphere. A very positive approach to business and entrepreneurship is inherent in the economy and culture of the United States. This means a reduction in business taxes and a more transparent legal system that facilitates, accelerates and facilitates investment, buying and selling. The entrepreneurial atmosphere also means greater support for your investment and a broader base of investors and buyers when you want to sell your property.

3. Diversity – The United States is an incredibly diverse country with a multicultural society and different climatic zones, landscapes and lifestyles. The United States has something to offer everyone, from those who want to live in large metropolitan areas, to those who are looking for a quieter rhythm of life near the beach or the desert. This cultural and social diversity is synonymous with tolerance and recognition and makes the United States a particularly open culture that creates a favorable atmosphere for your real estate investments and offers many opportunities for real estate investments.

4. The absence of a language barrier – the United States is an English-speaking country, the culture, and society of which differ little from the British. This makes communication and transactions clear and straightforward and allows you not to worry about significant cultural differences when you go to the United States to organize real estate investments.

5. The big BMV real estate market and foreclosures – the collapse of real estate in the United States, in other words, the subprime crisis, has led to a significant increase in foreclosures. Subprime borrowers were unable to pay their mortgage loans, which led to the return of property. This large number of exemptions allowed the property market to grow below market value, providing unprecedented opportunities for real estate investors. Because of foreclosure to the bank, properties are available far below the market price, and since the purchase price is a decisive factor in real estate investments, the BMV real estate market is currently beautiful.

6. Potentially high returns – lower market value also means that your potential net income is high and the risks are much lower. In the United Kingdom, you can expect gross rental income from 4 to 5%, while net income in the United States can reach 12-15% per year. The combination of a large number of BMV rental properties, favorable commercial and investment conditions and low risks makes the US real estate market very attractive.

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